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Terms and Conditions


These are terms by which you agree to use the Clever Writings Professional Writing Service.


Website - www.cleverwritings.com
Customer or Client - is a person who elects to use our services, you and yours are also terms used instead of customer or client.
Company - Our company is Clever Writings.
Product - refers to any service that is completed or drafted and/ or delivered by our business to the customer per their individual requirements.
Order or inquiry - this is correspondence from the client to us about a particular professional service where the customer clearly identifies the type of service level agreement they are seeking.


By using our website you agree to our terms, by selecting agree and signing up you are explicitly agreeing with all our policies, rules, terms, regulations and guarantees. You, the client or customer must be aware that we have the full responsibility to alter and change our terms and rules as we see fit without notice given to the following conditions:
A. Existing services are modified, expanded or withdrawn in any regard as we see fit.
B. New services are added to our catalog in keeping with advances in technology and service delivery capacity.
C. Any and all changes to regulatory climate, licensing, legality, etc
Any changes will be posted on our website immediately.


The Website is provided by Clever Writings and American Company based in Denver, Colorado. Denver is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to call home. We love this city and being connected to this community; Clever Writings is proudly an American firm offering custom paper writing services.


You may receive a refund for services under the specific terms of the money back warranty. For your information, depending on your location the rules may be different so please look over the money back warranty document carefully.
We offer very specific terms for refunds which are explicitly covered by our money back warranty guarantee document


All work that will be delivered by Clever Writings will be custom written. We retain all commercial rights to all works, deliverables, and components of your project. You may not sell anything that you receive from our academic writing experts or researchers. Any use of our products for anything but personal use violates our terms.
You may not display, project, market or otherwise profit from our works. You may use them for your personal use as you see fit to get grades, earn success and move ahead towards the life you search for.


Plagiarism is extremely serious and jeopardizes our ability to offer our clients and customer the highest quality academic works, essay and papers that will always earn solid grades. As a result, we can accept no plagiarism whatsoever by our writing professionals of course, but also by the people we serve. If you try to pass off work that is not yours as yours and we figure it out you are in violation of our policies and may be held liable. 
You may not use our written name in any way whatsoever. You may not use our likeness nor branding. You may not use our words, thoughts or models in anyway. We do not approve plagiarism in any way shape or form and will never knowingly offer a paper that has any element of this in it whatsoever. Occasionally, even with expert professional writers mistakes and blatant violations can happen, in either of these, we step in swiftly and take matters in our hands to make things right with our workforce by removing the writer and our client by recompensing accordingly.
We, Clever Writings shall never for any reason whatsoever be held liable for your success, failure or anything in between connected to acceptance to institutions, grant funds, academic accolades or degrees, etc.
We will only accept 10% plagiarism on any work. This is an industry leading standard which is just one more reason why Clever Writings is your best choice paper writing service. 10% accounts for references to known phrases, common words, etc. This standard is not matched by our competitors.


1) No paper shall have greater than 10% plagiarism as verified by industry leading software. This is not including references and cliched phrases.
2) We will follow your exact specifications for any research report, essay or academic service of any kind.
3) We conduct all research with our MA and Ph.D. experts. We ensure only the finest in academic content solutions.
4) We will adhere to all style, citation or other guidelines that you specify through the consultation and planning phases of our services.
5) Standard English is the language service we provide.
We cannot for any reason ever guarantee any particular grade and no refunds will be given to those who are displeased with their final grades. You may file a quality complaint, but this has nothing to do with a grade you received and is dependent on the work process you agreed and signed off on.


Placing an order with us begins with offering some simple contact details like a name for your account and your email. As covered elsewhere, we do not give away any specific data that we collect about any of our clients. Once you process your order you will agree to our terms and conditions.

You will submit all proper materials at the beginning of your order. You will upload all date deadlines, specifications, requirements from your professor, university or program. You will share all relevant information or at the very least as soon as it becomes available to you. 
You may elect to speed your delivery process and specify your specific due date for work rendered. These services' add-ons are associated with additional fees. Our flat-rate service plan offers more scheduling leniency on our end, and the add-ons give you clear choices for customizing your order according to your specific situation and needs.
For an additional cost, you will be able to receive the “Copy Of Used Sources” these are the resources that the writer uses to write your paper. If you choose this feature, you will receive digital copies. Please see the price section of our website.
Once we receive your finalized project completion form, we begin calculating the total cost of your project, and once you receive the confirmed price it will be based a vast number of variables including, but not limited to complexity, technical components, length, deadlines, etc. We reserve the right to offer our services to most clients, but we understand there will be times when we are not able to meet every possible need. If there is anything we can do for you to help you get ahead, stay afloat, reach out to us today, Clever Writings!


We are open and upfront about all the projects we complete, the deliverables we return, and the prices we charge for any add-ons or additional aspects of your unique service plan. All prices are clearly listed. Of course, if you have a specific request or question regarding a custom project, we are happy to discuss any matter on your mind via our customer service department.


We are happy to revise, for a full breakdown of all revision policy visit this page.


We do not store any aspect of personal or sales related data about our customers. Your identity is safe with us. We process all payments in securely closed environments.


The moment you place an order with us, Clever Writings, you agree to the following specifications with no question:
Properly cite, reference or otherwise credit Clever Writings for all intellectual property at all times.
Our custom essays, reports, and projects are for your use, examination and education. You can learn about subjects of your choosing. You can master specific citation styles. Whatever your needs for these materials you can safely access these examples for your private use.
We own all commercial rights always.
Our fees are associated with the time and resources we must commit towards providing our high-value custom writing service.
You may not for any reason ever rewrite, reproduce, transmit, broadcast, or unlawfully duplicate without the express written consent of our headquarters in Denver, Colorado.
You will not distribute these materials without our consent.


When you register or submit an order on our website, you agree to our terms. You will not hold our company or individual employees liable for any reason according to the following clearly defined legal statements.
We are not liable for your losses. Commercial, reputational or other. We are not held to any repercussion based on your performance with our products in any setting whatsoever anywhere in the world.
We are not liable for technical malfunctions of losses that occur due to systems, networks, operating systems or any other element of digital telecommunications infrastructure.
We are not liable if our emails, messages, or communications are jumbled due transmission quality.
We are not liable for events outside of our control which prevent your paper from being returned on time. These can include, but are not limited natural events, disease, death and many other severe unforeseen circumstances.
We are not liable for any losses, damages, physical, mental or emotional injuries you claim.
It is clearly stated that we reserve the right to change any of these statements as we see fit at any time for any reason. We, Clever Writings, reserve all rights to control the legal parameters in which our services may be accessed. Different federal, state or jurisdictional laws may apply to you and we are in no way liable for your failure to comply with these due to our clearly defined policies.


High School 10$/page
Rookie/Sophomore 13$/page
Undergraduate 16$/page
Master's 19$/page
Ph. D. 25$/page

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Using our writing services is LEGAL and does not interfere with any educational institutes' policies.

It is allowed to use the delivered essay model in the following way:

As a reference for the initial understanding of the topic.

As a reference for new ideas of our own analysis (if cited). 

Direct quote citing (if cited). 

As a paraphrased source (if cited).

Please read your educational institution's definition of plagiarism before submitting the order with us. The services provided are meant to assist the buyer by providing a guideline. The product provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes only.

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