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Money Back Guarantee


It is important to be aware that most companies within the essay writing services industry DO NOT offer a money back guarantee of any kind on any of their products or service. At Clever Writings, we don’t do business like that. We ONLY want our customers to be completely satisfied. We will provide money back swiftly and promptly if requested.

Money Back FAQ

What happens if I cancel my order?

If you at some point of time you decide to cancel an essay project with us before we could assign a writer to complete it, you will receive a full refund. If your essay project is already in progress, as verified directly on your personal order page, the refund amount will depend on the deadline you agreed to, and the amount of work done by the writer.
You will receive up to a 70% refund if half or less of the total time has passed, or up to 50% thereafter. We must compensate our writers for the work they done. Our writers want to deliver you a completed project, so if you choose to cancel, it is your responsibility to pay partially.
Please take into consideration that you cannot receive a refund for order cancellation if the order is in completed status and the paper is delivered to you. You may request a refund due to quality concerns only.

What if I paid for order twice?

Please notify us the moment you believe you have been charged twice. You will need to provide proper documentation to back up your claim. We are happy to provide an immediate refund for any duplicate or erroneous charges of any kind. Please send us CLEAR documentation in the form of a receipt or statement from a payment processor, bank, credit card company etc.

What if I submitted two of the same order accidentally?

Contact our support staff the moment you suspect you may have done this. It is the customer or clients full and total responsibility to cancel any orders they do not need before the writers are assigned to them. If they are then these cases are seen as normal projects and all standard terms and guarantees apply (Refer to "What happens if I cancel my order?").

No one can complete my project.

There is almost no possible reason why one of our writer, researchers or editors will not be able to complete your task. In the very rare circumstance you really push our boundaries we will seek alternate solutions. If for some reason we are not able to find a writer who can do the work you need, we will immediately refund you in this bizarre and unusual case.

If you need a revised work or seek a new writer, there is no guarantee a professional expert will be available immediately. As a result, this case may go into dispute in which case we would negotiate a proper solution with you based on exactly what the specific variables of this situation are.

What if my essay/paper was late?

If an error occurs due to the late upload of extra materials on your part, you cannot apply for a lateness refund. Please make sure all paper details and additional materials are provided upon placing the order. We will work to ensure the finest work is created but we need complete information about the requirements and expectations of our work.

If there is a mistake on our part we will fully acknowledge that . However, if a paper is late based on errors in the way you fill out your project form and user information, we will not be able to support your claim for a refund. Be sure every aspect of your order from top to bottom is correct. Be clear and concise about your needs and specific requirements. It is much easier to address these issues from the start rather than once a paper is in progress.

If we did happen to submit your paper late for some unusual or rare case after the deadline has passed, the difference in price between the time our paper is late and the original will be refunded to the customer. If lateness occurred during the long term project 10-14 days or more, 7% refunds are offered.

If the first version of a paper is late, you may be eligible for a full refund be sure to file your claims and get in touch with us. We understand that late work can compromise your success and we take it very seriously. Any writers who frequently submit late work are removed from our company swiftly.

You should submit any and all lateness refund requests within 24 hours of receiving your completed project, paper or research.

What if my essay/paper was late due to revision?

Lateness refunds do not apply to revisions, the revisions' deadlines are set separately.

To avoid confusion, always specify the correct deadline during order placement! BE CLEAR with deadlines from the beginning.

Our system has default settings based on workflows we typically encounter . However, it is the client or customers full responsibility to be upfront about all deadlines or changing expectations through the system.

I do not like my paper. I am going to fix it myself. I want a partial refund.

We are proud to offer full, partial and limited refunds in a variety of cases. If you think your paper is not done to the standard you purchased, contact us immediately and let us begin to resolve your issues and work towards improving things. We are always glad to offer you a free revision. The Refund Process offers a variety of options.

No matter how you proceed you will have 5 days to process all claims. Failure to upload required information for resolution within 5 days of order completion, results in cancellation of any future or existing dispute, after which no refund is possible.

Be sure to process any claims regarding quality as soon as you are displeased. We have a dispute system that is transparent and straightforward. We look forward to making things right for even the most unhappy customers. Usually, there are simple solutions, we are open minded and friendly, get in touch and let us work it out.

This paper is not what I wanted. I write it myself. I request a full refund.

You always have clear options and choices as a client of Clever Writings. You may receive a FREE REVISION or you may elect to pursue a REFUND. We are happy to help you in whatever ways you require. We want you to be happy and satisfied with our service!

You will always have 5 days to submit any information which might support your REFUND claim. Be prompt with any and all information which will support your claim and allow us to better understand your specific situation.

If you want longer than 5 days to file your claim, the window of opportunity has closed and your project is closed.

As in all cases with our work, in the event of a full refund claim, Clever Writings reserves the right to publish any and all content connected to this process online as a sample or in any other way as it sees fit. It is up to you, the customer or client, to ensure that you are satisfied with any and all work rendered. That means you need to clearly APPROVE work that you enjoy or file a claim on work you do not. The REFUND policies are very straightforward and we are here to help you in any way that we possibly can. If you have a question please reach out and allow us to assist you.

I want a full refund for additional services provided (Digital copies of sources used and plagiarism report).

You will not receive a refund for a digital sources and plagiarism report that you access. However, if for some reason a source list you paid for is not available when you receive your paper we would refund that immediately.

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Using our writing services is LEGAL and does not interfere with any educational institutes' policies.

It is allowed to use the delivered essay model in the following way:

As a reference for the initial understanding of the topic.

As a reference for new ideas of our own analysis (if cited). 

Direct quote citing (if cited). 

As a paraphrased source (if cited).

Please read your educational institution's definition of plagiarism before submitting the order with us. The services provided are meant to assist the buyer by providing a guideline. The product provided is intended to be used for research or study purposes only.

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