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how to choose dissertation topic

Let’s begin with the most obvious. The primary criterion in selecting a dissertation topic is that it should excite your research interest. It is important that the choice of your topic best suits your intellectual strength, time constraints, and resources. The ostensibly obvious task of choosing a dissertation topic can sometimes turn out to be a daunting and stressful process for students.

It becomes an agonizing decision, simply because of some uncertainty that surrounds it. To overcome these difficulties you have to seek answers to the following questions about a dissertation topic.



  • Does the research topic interest you and your supervisor as well as other academicians in your field of study?
  • Has the theme been adequately researched?
  • Is it worthy to investigate the issues?
  • Is the research topic original or does it has to be?
  • Is the research topic manageable within the scope of my intellectual capacity and resources?
  • What methods are you most comfortable to use when researching?

A dissertation topic that is best fit for you will allow you to produce a professionally polished research within your intellectual capacity and with the constraints of your resources. The excerpts below will help you answer the above questions critical to help you choose a good dissertation topic.

Creating an INTERESTING Dissertation Topic

The emphasis in developing your dissertation topic is whether you are truly passionate about the subject. The theme should reflect upon your research interests. Strive to contemplate about how you want to leverage your research even after graduating from your institution. When you choose a dissertation topic that interests you, you will have more confidence and remain motivated throughout the process of your dissertation writing. Furthermore, your supervisors will as well be motivated to help you with your research if the topic is of interest to them. Thus it is crucial that both you and your supervisor be interested in your dissertation topic.

Narrowing To a MANAGEABLE Dissertation Topic

It is important to consider a topic that is not too broad, nor too narrow. It is natural that a too broad topic will not only confuse you but also may become challenging to address within a reasonable period. Therefore, since a dissertation is an independent project, it is crucial that you choose a topic that makes you feel comfortable and confident. The main point is to ensure that your dissertation topic identifies well with the level of difficulty appropriate to the set of your skills, experience, and resources. A manageable dissertation topic will help you remain faithful to your research interest throughout the process of writing your dissertation.

How the Choice Methods INFLUENCE the Dissertation Topic

Your custom dissertation topic should aim to propose an argument that you wish to investigate and justify with the help of academic research methodologies. It should focus on the key issues of your research interest. While focusing on the issue to address and how you will provide the answers, it is also wise to consider the choice of appropriate research method. Identify yourself with emerging trends in research methods that you will be comfortable with while conducting your research. Through the identification of the most suitable method to use, you will be able to comfortably formulate an appropriate dissertation topic that is manageable within your intellectual capacity.

Creating an ORIGINAL dissertation topic

Although the level of the originality is of considerable importance, research is never entirely original. A good research lies on the edge of what has already been proven and is also dependent on that which has been explored before. Thus not every element of your research needs to be original. The goal of an original dissertation topic is to approach an existing theme with a new interpretation. You will need to dig into literature base of your field of study to stay at the top of current debates. In doing so, you will put yourself in a better position to identify gaps in knowledge and figure out the kind of information that will fill these gaps. This perspective will help you demonstrate originality of your research as well as your skills in research and arguments.

REMEMBER: Choosing an appropriate topic is one of the most critical decisions in your dissertation writing journey. Your dissertation topic should be particularly of interest to you and your advisor as well as other academics in the field. Furthermore, choose a topic in which you have the intellectual capacity (both existing and developing) to execute the research.

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